Monday, April 22, 2013


I am living.

Things are picking up. 

There's a need to reevaluate my actions and take more responsibility for the happenings in my life.  Why do I do what I do?

My thoughts are becoming more focused with more sleep and better diet.  My few weeks off have ended, and it is now time to kick up my training.  I want striations showing!

Less caffeine and more water please. I am so tired of seeing carbon pellets from the Brita filter in my water.  Fix your product Brita.

I need to better than myself everyday.  Still smoke free. I love all the people in my life. Funny thing happened at a birthday party- a board game asked the question, "which of the people at the table would you feel that would be the most likely to become famous?".  I was the unanimous answer.  Lots of comments afterward that stroked my ego, yet humbled me. 

Romantically I need to mature.  I still play.  Let's see if I can trim the fat and see what true effort will bring.  My best friend and I are trying new avenues for hangouts and stress relief.  Ways to meet new people without involving alcohol.  I like the batting cage idea, but I am leaning toward group workouts with friends.  I think this would benefit them as well as myself.  Team Extreme Conditioning!  I need more members.  I met this girl at a party that was wearing pink jeans.  She's the kind I would like to get to know better.  Too bad I had drank too much to explore that option.   I must get better at that.  I promised myself that I would approach that situation as a learning experience each time it happened.  I dropped the ball with a possible new girlfriend.  Hopefully we cross paths again.

Let's see how this week will play out.  I am going for M-F workouts for two weeks.  Big time cardio and big time chest.  I am striving for big time results.