Thursday, January 17, 2013

News: Country Boy Survives!

The past few weeks have been so event filled that I have not had much time for reflection. 

Christmas cooking with my cousin was so much fun.  I enjoyed that he and his friends liked the venison that I had prepared 2 days earlier.  The meat itself was well seasoned and had a decent amount of pepper.  I had people of all ages and ethnicity enjoying themselves.  I am well known for eating insanely spicy food, but this one was different.  It had a light spice that could only come from a heavy addition of pepper initially, but boiled out so that the heat is fused into the meat and not into the sauce.  The sauce mesh is what restaurants do - they coat their plain cooked meat with a spicy sauce. 

The first secret santa hosted by Blizz was a great success.  I had so much fun hanging out with all of my friends and their wives.  I am really glad that my gift was enjoyed by the recipient.  I prepared a speech for everyone that I hope conveyed my emotion for having them in my life.  I had no idea who all were going to be in attendance and I wanted to give everyone there a personal touch.  I had to read it because if I had not done so, I probably would have teared up or not been able to make it through.  I am the most happy when I am surrounded with my friends.

I spent New Years Eve with the Keesee's.  Alcohol really brings people together.  I enjoyed my first game of dodge beer.  I ended up sleeping in their recliner next to most of the participants of the game.  Truly one of the most fun nights I have had.

New year and new beginnings.  No smoking!  I have stopped smoking all the fucking time.  At first I started smoking once a week - social gatherings, parties.  Then, it shifted into 2 times a week, after work, everyday, while I drank, after I drank.  It ended up at smoking whenever I wasn't doing anything.  Soon it became smoking first and planning everything in between them.  I have tried to quit many times before and failed.  I have made my mind up to quit permanently.  Very rarely will I ever smoke.  I will never buy a pack again. 

I have taken a small hiatus from the gym.  I have decided to catch up on this eating thing I have been so concerned about for years.  I do still watch what I eat.  When my Dad returns, I will hit the gym every time I get a chance.  Must buy more under armour!

I have offered advice to my friends and family who are trying to get in shape.  Only a few have taken what I have said into practice.  Jeff and I are planning to make big gains this year.  I am going to lean up with some fearsome muscle and strength that will withstand age and sedentary lifestyle.  I am taking Team Extreme Conditioning all the way to the top.  I just hope he can keep up.  He has been doing an okay job so far, but I have scared him away with some recent exercises.