Sunday, February 24, 2013


Big things have been on the rise lately in my life.  I feel stronger, faster and tougher than I have ever felt in my life.  I owe it to a better diet and exercise.

I love being able to exchange ideas of what works and what doesn't with people.  There is a lot of research that goes into what and how I do certain things.

I have a few items that are still lacking, but I am making significant improvements.  I have already reserved a vehicle that I have always wanted from a friend.  I asked him not to advertise it anywhere and I will do my best to get it from him in a few months.  I hope that comes through.

Things would be better if I had done things right the first time, so now I am doing everything I can to only progress forward without mistakes.  A lot of the things I use to do are no longer appealing.

I am learning new things about the people that I have known for so long. 

I am working on better organization and task management.